En härlig Smakbit ur One Summer

"Hey, Dad!"
He turned to see Cory frantically waving to him from the rear screen porch.
He waved back. "Yeah, bud?"
"Jackie turned the hose on."
"After he dragged the other end in the house."
Jack started to walk fast to the Palace. "In the house? Where´s Sammy?"
"In the bathroom with a magazine."
Jack started to jog. "Where´s Mikki?"
Cory shook his head helplessly "Dunno."
Jack started to run faster as he yelled, "Well, can´t you turn the hose off or pull it out of the house?"
"I would, but the little knobby thing came off in my hand and Jackie won´t let go of the end of the hose. He´s a lot stronger than he looks." Cory´s eyes grew a little wider. 
"Is it bad that stuff´s starting to float, Dad?"
Oh crap! 
Jack started to sprint, rooster tails of sand thrown up behind him. "Jackie!"
My three precious children. This one´s for you, Cecilia. 


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